Umwind stand

unwind stands are designed product-specifically.

A wide range of applications for handling web-shaped materials has made us a specialist when it comes to unwinding.

Whether to pick up a roll or coil from the floor, insert it into the unwinder with a lifting device or an indoor crane, driven or with a brake:

We supply the unwinder you need.

Constantly challenges with different materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic film of all kinds, insulating and sealing material, textile and wire mesh, thin sheet metal, highly elastic insulating materials, floor coverings, rubber or pressure-sensitive materials with backing paper have strengthened our level of knowledge in this area to your benefit.

Here are some reference objects:

  • Unwind stand for Tissue

    abrollung-spannwelleWorking width:     2.600 mm
    Roll diameter:    ø 2.400 mm
    Web speed:        800 m/min

  • Pick-up unwind stand with shaft
    The pick-up unwind stand can pick rolls up directly from the ground after a expanding shaft is inserted. The expansion shaft is moved with a expansion shaft extraction device.

    technical data of the machine displayed

    Working width: 1.600 mm
    Roll diameter: ø 1.900 mm
    Roll weight: 2.500 kg
    Core inner diameter (HID): ø 6" und 12"
    Web speed: 320 m/min

    Pick-up unwind stand with shaft
    Pick-up unwind stand with shaft
    Pick-up unwind stand with shaft
    Pick-up unwind stand with shaft
    Expansion shaft extraction device
    Expansion shaft extraction device
  • Revolving unwind stand

    Revolving unwind standThe revolving unwind and rewinding is used, for example in converting machines (as printing of tubular film). With 2 shafts for rolls one shaft can be loaded with a new roll while the current roll is suppling matereial to the process. In rewinding the web is being wound up while the full roll is removed on the second shaft.

    Roll diameter:                      ø 1.200 mm
    Inner core diameter (HID): ø 6 oder ø 3"

  • Mobile unwind stand

    Mobile unwind standWhen required, the mobile unwind is located in production lines to supply an intermediate web of non-woven, paper or film. The rolls are mounted on an expansion shaft in safety chucks.

    Working width:  1.800 mm
    Roll diameter:  ø 1.200 mm
    Roll weight:            500 kg
    Web tension:           200 N
    Web speed:     200 m/min

  • Shaftless pick-up unwind stand

    Shaftless pick-up unwind standThe shaftless pick-up unwind stand picks up rolls from the ground or a transport pallet. The roll is taken directly in the core by expanding heads on both arms. No expansion shafts are needed.

    Working width:                    1.850 mm
    Roll diameter:                    ø 1.300 mm
    Roll weight:                           2.500 kg
    Core inner diameter (HID): ø 3" und 6"
    Web speed:                       120 m/min

  • Unwind unit

    abspuleinheitTo unwind coated film webs etc. at a constant speed feeding a coating system.

    Working width:      75 mm
    Web speed:    1 - 4 m/min
    Degree of protection: Ex 1